Repeat Prescriptions

The last day for ordering Prescriptions for the Christmas period will be 20th  if requests are made after this they maybe a delay


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If you require regular medication your doctor will issue you with a repeat prescription computer slip. You can request repeat medication by dropping the slip into the surgery or sending it in by post with a stamped addressed envelope if you are unable to collect the prescription yourself.


We now accept Repeat Prescription requests via email. Email us at please include your name and date of birth.


Please allow 72 working hours for prescriptions to be processed by the surgery before collection.  If your prescription is sent to a pharmacy please allow an additional 24 hours before collection.


Request Received  Prescription Ready for collection
Monday   Thursday after 4pm
Tuesday                               Friday after 4pm
Wednesday Monday after 4pm
Thursday                             Tuesday after 4pm
Friday                                  Wednesday after 4pm
Saturday Thursday after 4pm
Sunday Thursday after 4pm

Medication Reviews

All patients on repeat medication are required to attend or speak to the surgery for a medication review with a clinician at least once a year.

The review helps to ensure you are on the correct medication for your condition/s, to discuss any side effects and, arrange any relevant monitoring tests (eg blood pressure checks, or blood tests).

If your review date is overdue we may agree to issue a shorter supply of medication in the meantime to ensure you do not run out.

We will refuse to prescribe medicines where two reminders have been issued - until you have been seen, as your safety is our prime concern.

Going Abroad

Patients who are going abroad for more than one month may be provided with a FP10 prescription which covers the period of travel, up to a maximum of 3 months, provided that treatment does not need to be reviewed by the GP at more frequent intervals.

Travellers who are for abroad longer periods cease to be a NHS patient once they have been out of the country for more than 3 months. It is expected that such patients will obtain medical attention and supplies of any drugs they require in the country they are visiting.

If a patient going abroad for more than 3 months and is travelling to a remote area where drugs are likely to be unobtainable, the GP may provide the patient with a private prescription to cover the duration of travel beyond the first 3 months.

The full cost of the drugs will be payable by the patient on a private prescription.

On Discharge from Hospital

The hospital will send a discharge notification to the Practice advising us of the medications you have been given to come home with (usually 14 days) and any changes to your repeat medication. We update your medication record as soon as we receive written information from the hospital clinics/inpatient admissions.

Prescriptions issued within hospital outpatient clinics should be dispensed by the hospital pharmacy except in the rare situations where the pharmacy does not stock the medicine. If this is the case, the prescription will be issued at the discretion of the doctor, and you will have to wait the standard three days before collection.

When you need more medication you can request it with your repeat slip.  If your repeat slip is not up to date, you can request your new medication by writing it on the bottom of the slip.

Pharmacy collection

Although we are not permitted to recommend a pharmacy, several local pharmacies operate a scheme whereby you can request your medication from the surgery, then the pharmacydriver will collect it on your behalf and dispense it from their pharmacy. Some will even deliver if you are housebound.

Please remember to tell us if you take part in this scheme.

There are various pharmacies that you can choose to use and these can be found on NHS Choices.

Pharmacies that are within 1 mile of the Practice are below:

Wellbeing Pharmacy - 01473 464422

Day Lewis Pharmacy - 01473 741252

Rainbow Pharmacy - 01473 213016

Fircroft Road Pharmacy - 01473 743801

Morrisons Pharmacy - 01473 747137

Asda Pharmacy -  01473 243610

Barbour Pharmacy - 01473 254618

Patients can choose to use this service or continue with their usual pharmacy.

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