On Discharge from Hospital

The hospital will send a discharge notification to the Practice advising us of the medications you have been given to come home with (usually 14 days) and any changes to your repeat medication. We update your medication record as soon as we receive written information from the hospital clinics/inpatient admissions.


Prescriptions issued within hospital outpatient clinics should be dispensed by the hospital pharmacy except in the rare situations where the pharmacy does not stock the medicine. If this is the case, the prescription will be issued at the discretion of the doctor, and you will have to wait the standard three days before collection.


When you need more medication you can request it with your repeat slip.  If your repeat slip is not up to date, you can request your new medication by writing it on the bottom of the slip or by emailing the Practice on IESCCG.adminchesterfield@nhs.net.

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