Child Protection

Child Protection Lead: Dr Charlotte Armour

This policy recognises that the welfare of children is paramount and that we have a duty of care when they are in our charge. We will do everything we can to provide a safe and caring environment whilst they attend our activities.


We will:              

  • Treat all children with respect
  • Carefully recruit and select all adults whether paid or voluntary
  • Provide a code of conduct for all staff to include assessment of risk for key roles when working with children/young people
  • Respond to concerns and allegations appropriately

When there are concerns about the welfare of any young person, all adults in our surgery are expected to share their concerns and allegations with the responsible person for child protection matters.


The child protection lead is responsible for:

  • Monitoring and recording concerns
  • All those working with children/young people are aware of the ACPC Child protection procedures
  • Making referrals to Social Service without delay
  • Liaison with other agencies
  • Arranging training for all those who work with children


In cases of disclosure of abuse, either by children or parents, all are obliged to share the information with the child protection lead person and refer those concerns to Social Services.

Staff Allegations

All allegations regarding staff should be referred to the Child Protection Lead.

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